Weight Loss Smoothies Without Protein Powder

“It’s simple to add protein to a smoothie without using protein powder,” says Rumsey. If you want to make weight loss smoothies without protein powder then this blog is for you. Smoothies is a creamy drinkable product of fruit blended with juice, milk, or yogurt. It’s made by puréeing fruits and/or vegetables in a blender.


Other ingredients are often added or include non-dairy milk, crushed ice, sweeteners (honey or sugar), vinegar, whey powder, chocolate, or nutritional supplements.

A protein smoothie could be a combination of water or a variety of food products, protein powder, fruits, and vegetables. Protein powder will have a chalky style once mixed one by one itself with milk or water. The protein smoothie improves the taste of the protein powder and also through the addition of fruits or other sweeteners. Common ingredients added are bananas, frozen berries, peanut butter, syrup, and chocolate chips also.

Why should you add protein to your smoothies?

Ever tried protein powder?  Accept it this way: If you like fruit smoothies, however, feel hungry when rather like a half-hour, an excellent thanks turn a smoothie into a full meal is to add protein powder. Generally, a serving of protein powder can add 15-30 grams of protein to your fruit smoothie. It’s creating an additional filling, well-balanced meal. Protein powder isn’t necessary. Depending on the brand or quality, it is often expensive. Instead, it’s possible to add protein to your smoothies using ingredients you would possibly have already got available. It’ll be healthy for your health and taste additional.



The great thing about protein fruit smoothie recipes is that concerning any fruit works. I prefer using frozen fruit in my smoothies as a result you’ll skip the step of adding ice. SO, use these fruits in your next smoothie:

  • Strawberries
  • Mangoes
  • Pineapple
  • Blueberries
  • Melon
  • Raspberries
  • Bananas

What ingredients are the best for weight loss smoothies?


Healthy smoothies for weight loss area unit created with the proper mix of weight loss foods. So, that area unit is scientifically well-tried to decrease body fat. A number of the common ingredients we include in these smoothies for weight loss are:

  • Protein powder for weight loss: Protein powders are low in sugar or sweeteners, low in calories, and rich in high-quality protein that, in combination with strength exercises will help build metabolism-boosting muscle mass.
  • Healthy fats: Healthy fats like nut butter, avocado, and MCT oil will help to slow digestion to keep you fuller longer to prevent overeating.
  • Fiber: Consuming fiber-rich ingredients like chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, leafy greens, and oats will facilitate stopping spikes in blood glucose which will result in the storage of carbs as fat.
  • Low sugar: Fruit is the base of all smoothies, and because fruit naturally contains sugar, there is not any ought to add additional sweeteners like honey, fruit juice, or frozen dessert that solely serve to feature empty calories.


So, the simplest factor regarding smoothies is that they’re full of nutrition and simple to make. They’re delicious, packed with fiber, and a good thanks to boost weight loss. To make the simplest high protein fruit smoothies ever keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use non-sweet almond milk (or milk of choice) as your liquid. As a result, it is low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals, and additionally provides a decent consistency.
  • Loading your blender during this order generally works best – liquid, not frozen veggies or fruits, greens, and If you’re adding any, then the frozen fruits and veggies, and at last, the protein powder.
  • If you discover your smoothie to be too sweet, add juice
  • If the style is simply too bitter, add pineapple, orange, or banana
  • Natural sweeteners like honey and pure syrup work nicely in smoothies
  • Avocados will add soupiness to a smoothie, to not mention a load of nutrition
  • The riper the banana, the sweeter the shake





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